We are a technology based FinTech startup which, on one hand, wants to provide easy loan options to the population of India residing in T2/3/4  and on the other hand, wants to provide smart lending and collection solutions to the banks, NBFCs and small lenders who are finding it difficult & expensive to expand to the heartland of India.

PAIN-POINTS: Through our market research, we have come across the following pain-points:

  1. Absence of credible, fast & formal loan options in T2/3 & beyond is pushing people to opt for unsecured loans from local HNIs at an exorbitant interest rate of 2%-15% per month.
  2. Lack of banks in T2/3 & beyond.
  3. Expensive to reach out to people in T2/3 especially for EMI collection.

DISTRIBUTION: To achieve our objective, we are aggregating agents who are local influencers & are already affiliated with one or the other agencies selling loans and savings products. These agents have been using our customised CRM to maintain & manage their customers’ monthly collections.

Our Vision

“Representing the Under-Represented”

Our Mission

“To make Loans Accessible to the people residing in Tier-2/3/4 & To provide Smart Lending, Collection & Credit Score solutions to Banks, NBFCs and small lenders who find it difficult, risky & expensive to expand to the heartland of India”

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